Traditional Training

Focused on activating 90% of the muscles TRAINING FROM £75

Cellulite & Metabolism

Erase unsightly cellulite and increasing your metabolism CELLULITE & METABOLISM FROM £75

Deep Tissue

One of the most sought after training programs we have on offer at EMX Squared. DEEP TISSUE FROM £75

Bespoke Skin Consultation

We provide a thorough and bespoke skin consultation at our clinic in Marble Arch. The consultation will be a necessary time where you will meet with one of our specialists to asses your skin to find the most suitable and effective treatment plan to achieve maximum results. CONSULTATION FROM £35

Acne Peel

Chemical peels can be an excellent tool to treat acne. Click to find out more. ACNE PEEL FROM £75

Glycolic Peel

Chemical peels have been tested time and time again. Click to find out more about our Glycolic peels. GLYCOLIC PEELS FROM £75

Psychological Therapy

Psychological therapy is one of the most tried and effective methods of understanding the self and living a fulfilled life. PSYCHOLOGICAL THERAPY FROM £100

Professional Coaching

Working with a professional coach will enhance your life and push you to achieve maximum success and results. PROFESSIONAL COACHING FROM £150

Bespoke Therapy/Coaching Consultation

We provide a thorough and bespoke Therapy & Coaching consultation at our clinic in Marble Arch. It is essential to use this assessment time to fine tune the direction that you would like to go, whether you choose psychological therapy or professional coaching it is aimed at enhancing your life. CONSULTATION FROM £40