Confidence Breakthrough Method

At EMX Squared, we offer a revolutionary therapy experience where our therapists are trained in the latest therapeutic approaches based on CBT, NLP and CAT to increase their self-esteem to new heights.

They will help you:

  • Making sense of low self-esteem
  • Help yourself understand the persistent cycles in which you find yourself
  • Identify the most powerful ways in which you can relate to the world and consolidate it.
  • Understand any of the underlying causes of your frustration and irritability
  • Illustrate how your thoughts, feelings and behaviors are contributing to feelings of low self-esteem
  • Improve your self-image or recycle it if you feel that you have lost sight of who you are
  • Improve your firmness and your general well-being
  • Working in collaboration with the therapist, valuterai his life from all angles, refine their expectations of himself and others, puts into practice every day new patterns of behavior and thought to influence the previous “bad habits” and works to redefine his image and create the necessary experiences in your life by acting now and not falling into old ways of being complacent.

Acting today, you begin to feel better today! Eleni

We all deserve a sense of inner peace and peace! Call us now and book a session with one of our therapists to address your low self-esteem problem. You do not have to suffer more with this.

Additional reading on low self-esteem:

The book of self-esteem. Glenn Schiraldi
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50 conscious steps for self-esteem Janetti Marotta
Cure your emotional being Beverly Engel
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