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Do you experience sensations of anxiety, panic, fear or tension?

Anxiety is most commonly characterized by an increase in nervousness and feelings of emotional distress throughout the body. What may occur at different times is the inclusion of body sweating, increased heart rate, sweaty palms, a sense of loss of consciousness, a sense of fear, concern about consequences and future, muscle spasms, hyperventilation, lack of memory and pure panic.

We have been taught that anxiety is a “combat” or “flight” response, which we associate with something dangerous in our immediate environment that leads us to face the situation and “fight” or escape from “flight”. This is the general attitude towards the explanation of anxiety. In short, this is not an explanation good enough to understand how this physical and mental event has great potential to disarm us and make us panic.

Over the years here at EMX Squared, we have noticed that all clients who have anxiety have a common characteristic that is rarely addressed by many other professionals. This phenomenon is the real reason why anxiety comes and consumes both our thinking and our bodies.

If you could imagine anxiety representing an emotional cap within  in our bodies. Under this cocoon of anxiety, there is a lot of unprocessed emotions that we avoid. We choose to avoid emotions because emotional pain seems to be more unbearable than physical pain, which makes us even more anxious than our desire for expression. We discovered that within the body there was an unconscious decision being made that it would be safer and a little easier to treat a main emotion (anxiety) rather than a whole range of different emotions of equal or greater intensity. The body and mind work together and make a decision that urges us to focus mainly on anxiety. This response is really remarkable because the focus on anxiety comes with the awareness that we will not die of anxiety or a panic attack, even if during a panic attack it may seem that we are having a heart attack.

Anxiety counseling and CBT: The EMX Squared Method

It is essential to remember that the fundamental function of anxiety is to stop everything we do that can cause anxiety. If we see that anxiety actually protects us from any external pain, it is obvious that it is a very useful bodily response.
The problem arises when we have become so dependent on this anxious response used to protect us from the “dangers” of the world and, therefore, we realize that this dependency prevents us from living.
It is important to remember here that anxiety is not an innate experience / emotion. On the other hand, if we consider the source of anxiety as fear, we have only two innate fears in this world: the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises; everything else is learned behaviors.

With this in mind, think about how you have conditioned yourself to believe in anxiety and when you go to the source of anxiety, all you are is FEAR. Fear of living Fear of experiencing Fear of failure Fear of making mistakes. Fear of being embarrassed. Fear of approaching people Afraid of being hurt. FEAR FEAR FEAR.

This only touches the surface of what is behind the anxiety, but it is to highlight that if you can refer to any of the descriptions discussed, it is essential that you seek the right help. Anxiety is one of the main difficulties with which we work with at EMX Squared and if there is any form of fear in your life, then, obviously, you are not living your life to the extent that it could be!

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The services we offer at EMX Squared London include psychotherapy and counseling about anxiety, anxiety therapy programs and anxiety management based on CBT.

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