Why Choose EMX Training?

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Traditional EMS training has always followed a particular model of providing 20-minute training sessions, usually with little cardio or impact type exercises. The EMS technology is phenomenal for people with injuries who need to recover and yet still train so that they can continue to impact the body positively. This is one requirement for a small percentage of people who train.

We at EMX Squared chose to develop a system that focuses on researching the most effective ways of getting results in each individual client rather than providing a generic “one thing fits all” solution. Our research has continues and we find that the best results are due to our combination type training.

Cardio Based


During the training, when the chest, stomach and back is being stimulated there is often the sensation of being squeezed or restricted. This is a sensation that is easily adapted to and becomes familiar after the first couple of minutes of training. What this in essence is doing, is forcing the lungs to work harder. Much like an elevation mask used to restrict oxygen to force the lungs to work harder and increase aerobic respiration and fitness, the EMX suite does the same.

You will notice even without doing cardio-based exercises, only after a few sessions your cardio vascular ability and fitness level will increase.
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Strength Based


The system we use at EMX Squared focuses on impacting the cardiac muscle (muscle in the walls of the heart) through cardio vascular exercises; the smooth muscle tissue (found in the hollow structures in the body, like the stomach, intestines and bladder; the skeletal muscle tissue which is attached to our bones. Due to the constant load that is placed on the muscles throughout the 20-minute training, the various muscle tissues are stimulated to such an extent that they are forced to work and become a healthier version after the training.

This impacts the overall strength of the muscles and promotes less fatigue for any future exercises.
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Muscle Tone


Due to the impact of the stimulus on 90% of the muscles, the fast and slow twitch muscle fibers are constantly being stimulated to promote a regeneration of “original” muscle tone. As we age, we loose muscle density, strength and elasticity in the muscle structure. Many women find this particularly unbearable because no matter what exercises they do, they always have “sagginess” to the muscles. The EMX Squared system reactivates this to promote more muscle tone throughout the body.

This is especially effective on areas such the arms, inner thighs, tummy and bum.
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Health and Diet


We offer bespoke diet programs at EMX Squared. Our analysis is very different from the traditional dietician and nutritionist position. We focus on looking at your lifestyle in its entirety and see how we can adjust and manage your diet to suit your lifestyle so you are still living and enjoying life, but achieving the desired results you want.

Diet makes up 60% of your overall success, so it is vital to understand that if you are managing your diet effectively you will no doubt achieve the necessary results you are after too. The key here however is that your overall goals are down to you and we will assess these and look at the most effective means of getting you there.
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The intention behind the EMX Squared brand is one of research, refinement, combination treatments and taking time.

Taking time because we want you to experience the best. We take our time to understand you and your body and where you are in your mind. The combination of all these factors allows us the opportunity to best plan for the most suitable diet, training, and mindset.